Case Study: Mutual Energy



“We have chosen TWPL because of their depth of asset management knowledge and worldwide experience, and will be able to support our intention to go beyond ISO 55001 and towards asset management excellence.”

Sam Gibson ME Moyle Interconnector Operations Manager.


Mutual Energy (ME) was formed as a mutual organisation in 2005, to develop and operate energy infrastructure for the long-term interests of all energy customers in Northern Ireland.  In particular, this includes ownership and operation of Northern Ireland’s energy links with Great Britain. Having no shareholders, any financial surpluses are assigned for the benefit of Northern Ireland customers. This, combined with long term secure finance, has allowed the company to manage major energy assets at a very low cost.

The project involves an asset management assessment and gap analysis, against the requirements of the ISO 55001:2014 standard for good practices.  The Woodhouse Partnership’s widely proven approach for such assessments is wholly aligned to The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) methodology.  However, it also uniquely incorporates a structured identification of potential business improvements, which go beyond the ISO 55001 level to exploit context-specific opportunities and demonstrate leading-edge performance. The project will also involve leadership and support for developing and implementing the management systems and the full landscape of asset management capability, as covered by The Global Forum for Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM).

The Woodhouse Partnership’s asset management assessment and roadmapping methods are pragmatic and flexible, adapting to the variations in requirements, cultures and opportunities across the different industries and locations in which the company works. TWPL has an extensive toolkit and a library of maturity examples, question sets and reference profiles developed over many years. TWPL’s experts also led the work for The IAM to create their now widely-accepted definitions of best practices, maturity models and assessment tools.

Further details, as the project progresses, to follow.

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