Case Study: SODEXO


‘TWPL assisted us to establish a global asset management model that aligns our values and world-class service delivery in very diverse environments.  This model helped us create a unique and flexible technical services offering that has filled a significant gap in the marketplace.  The results have been impressive.’

Nick Thompson MSc
Group VP Asset Management Deployment & Support

Sodexo is a global facility management company employing over 480,000 people in 80 countries. Under the headline service offer of Technical Services, the company provides general repairs, technical maintenance and asset management support to a wide range of business, industry and public services segments, including corporate services, energy & resources, health, education, justice, defence, process/manufacturing, mining and others.

The Woodhouse Partnership were engaged to work with Sodexo managers and technical staff to develop an asset management framework management using ISO55001 requirements, together with the necessary documented processes and standards to provide facilities management services to a consistently high standard.

Total contract value £940,000 (c.US$1.2M)

Duration 3 years 2011-2014

Activities; Creation of bespoke procedures, competencies and a management system flexible enough to be customized to support the wide range of Sodexo’s environments, at strategic, operational and tactical levels.  These needed to be applicable to long term partnerships, call response centres covering multiple contracts for client asset portfolios and also single stand-alone facilities.  These methods, processes and templates were designed to be adjusted to create specific solutions scaled and appropriate to each contract.

  • Creating a process framework
  • Engage and communicate requirements to the global business
  • Transfer and embedding of knowledge and capability in Asset Management
  • Training based on the key principles of Asset Management
  • Implementation of the ‘Sodexo Asset Management Framework’

The success of this initiative was recognised in November 2014 with the award of the Institute of Asset Management’s Achievement Award. 

Project outcomes

  • Defined strategic alignment of the organisation’s key objectives with those of the asset management system
  • Improved control of day to day activities and business efficiencies – 10% average improvement.
  • Mitigation of potential risk of business interruption – 40% reduction of risk related costs.
  • Defined improvement in customer service and demonstration of 100% compliance in regulatory activities;
  • Clear definition of asset performance criteria and data collection requirements to ensure effective feedback on asset condition and status and continual improvement of asset management activities. Reduced failure rates by 20%.

The project has delivered its objectives and realised benefits exceeding preliminary estimates. The Asset Management Framework has become a requirement for new asset management business and is being universally adopted in that space. The success of this initiative was recognised with the award of the IAM’s 2014 Asset Management Achievement Award.

For more information visit the ISO news article here

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