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Assessments & Roadmapping

Certification auditors can now recognise good practices and identify gaps and shortfalls correctly

the vision

ISO 55001 Auditors

ISO 55001 auditors are required to have specific asset management certification in  ISO 17021-5.  In contrast with other management system standards, ISO 55001 explicitly requires evidence of good practices being applied. Not just the existence of documents and good intentions. It is essential that an assessor with long-term and practical experience in good asset management carries out assessments for your organization. Click below to purchase a copy of the ISO 17021-5 requirements from the BSI on-line. 


The Woodhouse Partnership Ltd is proud to be an Endorsed Assessor
since 2010.

All organisations have existing strengths and capabilities in the management of their assets.

However, this can be disjointed or short-term focused and not evidently connecting the day-to-day operational activities with longer term business priorities. An objective, independent review of the current capabilities is very valuable to identify what is already good and what can be improved. PAS 55 and ISO 55001 provide an excellent checklist of required good practices. The IAM has developed and published a standardised ‘Maturity Scale’ to ensure consistency of definitions and bench-marking potential.

The IAM Endorsed Assessor accreditation is awarded to individuals and companies providing you with the assurance that these standards have been met. The Woodhouse Partnership Ltd are proud to be Endorsed Assessors since 2010.

the key to success

Structured, systematic review of current capabilities

The Woodhouse Partnership offers a comprehensive range of services in assessment, strategic planning and operational implementation  of Asset Management practices. All of our staff have extensive personal senior management experience, ensuring that assessments include recognition of good existing practices and realistic identification of worthwhile improvement areas. We offer formal audit/certification and are proud IAM endorsed assessors.

We have been performing Asset Management assessments, business excellence reviews, and organizational improvement programs since 1995. We maintain a multi-industry pool of experts to provide knowledge and practical guidance to any buisness. We offer a unique perspective and ability to diagnose issues rapidly and propose remedies. Our guidance is pragmatic, personal, and considerate of local culture and existing initiatives

whole life cycle value

Development planning

The Asset Management Roadmap

Clarifying the current position is a good start, but the real benefits come when the ‘gaps’ and improvement opportunities are converted into an integrated programme of action. However, many previous attempts at such planning have yielded only temporary enthusiasms.

So what makes The Woodhouse Partnership Asset Management Roadmap different?
The answer is the planning process itself, which has derived from 20 years of first-hand industrial experience of what does and does not work in different organisational environments. The roadmap development involves some unique steps within different parts of the business. This results in a plan that everyone has helped to shape. A plan that is transparently prioritised according to the value-for-money and harnesses all departments and contributions towards a common set of goals.

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