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ISO TMB Task Force 14

The latest report from the Task Force (TF14) focusing on management systems and language on the subject of risk management

ISO’s Joint Technical Coordination Group (‘JTCG’) was established in 2007 and comprises representatives from all of ISO’s and IEC’s management system standards (MSS) committees. It is responsible for what is now known as ‘Annex L’ of the ISO/IEC Directives Part 1. Annex L defines the terminology, high-level structure (‘HLS’) and core text to enhance the consistency of ISO’s and IEC’s portfolio of management system standards. Taskforce 14 (TF 14) was established in late 2018 to conduct a limited revision of this Annex L. After meetings in Atlanta and Vienna in 2019, the third meeting was hosted by Standards Australia in Sydney from 13 to 17 January 2020. Nigel Croft, TF 14 convener, and Kareen Riley-Takos, General Manager Operations of Standards Australia, welcomed the 30+ participants in the meeting room, and 10 who were participating electronically using Zoom, representing a significant number of MSS committees and national member bodies.


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